The Nicholls Family UK, Travelling UK to Istanbul – June 2018

A very belated thank you for all your help with planning our train trip across Europe.

We had such a great holiday, and all the trains ran exactly on time (why can’t the UK manage that?!) and all your top tips on classes, couchettes to book etc.. were invaluable.  I have no doubt we would not have had such a smooth and comfortable journey without your help, in fact would probably still be trying to work everything out!  Thank you.


Paulina USA, European Grand Tour – June 2018

Again thank you for all of your help. Thanks to you, our experience with the rail system around Europe was very smooth and easy. I will definitely recommend you to others!


John Arizona USA, Nuremburg and Bruges – October 2018

Thank you Andy for assisting me on my European Train travels.  I would have been lost without your efforts and they are greatly appreciated!  Next year when I pick my two new European cities to travel to I will be in touch!